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The Screen It saga

I waited for the storm to settle before writing this post. The furore raised by the news media and internet residents over the apparent loss of their freedom really surprised me. I begged to ask two main things to my fellow countryman , who went on a ranting spree like never before.

1. The government(s) are already closely looking at all the stuff we write over the internet. So all the freaking about invasion of privacy is slightly irrelevant, it is hardly present in the first place. Did you think the content you put over is not screened? … think again.

2. Do you really think it’s possible to implement censorship and take away the internet from you for a country like India? India’s current economic health depends more than you think on a free open-for-all internet.


Some took to blogs to see the lighter side of things. Like this one (slightly offensive but nonetheless funny).

Now how did it all begin… I doubt many would take the trouble to actually find out… It was thanks this. Words like “The demand is the latest attempt to monitor and control electronic information.” in New York Times didn’t paint a good picture. Blogs were quick to pick on this. Techcrunch, engadget all jumped in with err… vengeance. What followed was a large amount of ranting and chest beating on Twitter and Facebook.

This went on for a couple of days until the minister at the center of the storm, gave an out and out denial of making any such statements to NYT. And then some blogs began reporting that all this galata was probably over nothing. The government was long in talks with various social platforms to ensure that offensive material doesn’t continue to reside on their site after being reported. This being a necessity in a country like ours. I would rather see the government err on the side of caution than be reckless.


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