Know Your Tech – April Week 2


Sorry for the slightly delayed KYT post. But here are the past week’s top tech news!

1) Google Glass to go on sale for a single day. Priced at $1500 it is certainly not cheap, but hey! it’s from the future. So grab it while you can!

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2) Heartbleed for SSL. The heartbleed issue was discovered in OpenSSL, which is a software used for security on popular web servers. With OpenSSL, websites can provide encrypted information to visitors, so the data transferred cannot be seen by others while it goes from your computer to the website. All this works on a secure key present on the server. Through heartbleed an external user can get his hands on this key and decrypt all your secure data such as passwords. The patch is already been in place in most of the popular servers, but no one knows as to how much data is already compromised.

3) The Lenovo S660 gets launched while Moto G gets offers. Looks like Moto G does have some competition finally. Lenovo launched it’s 1.3GHz quad core ,phone with 1Gb of RAM and an 8MP camera to boast of at INR 14000. Flipkart meanwhile announced this …


Know Your Tech – April Week 1



This week’s top tech news:

1) Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 : Microsoft showcased its latest operating systems and as expected they bring in a host of improvements in every sphere. You can read more about it here. The most exciting of which is the Digital Assistant named Cortana.

2) Amazon Fire TV : Amazon launched it’s FIRE TV , a  streaming media set-top box which will stream videos from Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and a bunch of other services. It starts at 99$ and looks very promising.

3) 2 interesting leaks: Google seems to have its own plans to relaunch Google TV, this time as Android TV according to The Verge it has its hands on documents which detail this and it is soon to be launched.

Motorola too seems to be busy, preparing the second generation Moto X


Know Your Tech : March Week 4


This week…

We made our foray into food   :D

Coming to the tech news of the week

1) Facebook buying spree continues. This time it spent $2 billion on Oculus, the folks whose vision is to bring Virtual Reality into your living home.  The deal will be completed with $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock being exchanged with the owners of Oculus. We see Facebook continuing to use it’s shares as a leverage point for most of the deals going forward.

2) Microsoft Office releases for iPad : In a big move , the software giant has released it’s Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel and One Note) in the Apple Store. It quickly moved to the top spots as it is free to download( you can view your documents freely, to edit them you need a office 365 subscription).

3) Blackberry 10.3 OS leaked. The next major update was leaked last week and we even had a post on that! It will bring in some UI color changes (blue will be replaced with Red) , a new voice assistant and a lot of spit and shine.


“Powered by Android” Mandatory on Future Android Phones

Every smartphone running on Android platform will have one more common feature among them – they all will feature a “Powered by Android” logo at the bottom of the boot screen. This has been made mandatory by Google, so that it is easier to separate the forks. While it is not clear if this is paired with the usage of Google Play services but it is here to stay, with the flagship phones of HTC and Samsung flaunting it in the latest releases.


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Please Stop Playing 2048

List of 2048 Variations

2048 has grown from a puzzle game to Can’t-get-my-hands-off viral game. Here is the list of 2048 variations and 2048 clones which are making the rounds on the Internet.

Variation Name
Game Play
On TechTikka
2048 Original The actual 2048 by Gabriel 2048: The Game
2048 AI AI tries to show you the solution 2048: The Game
4096 2048 extended to the next step 2048: The Game
2048 Logarithmic Flappy Bird Flappy Bird variation Logarithmic Flappy 2048
2048 Tetris Tetris mixed with 2048 2048 Tetris Variation
Hacker News Plays 2048 A massively multiplayer version Hacker News Plays 2048
2048 Prism 2048 with colors 2048 Prism 


Google Now Released For Chrome

Google Now is an advanced feature of Google which tracks your location, search history and emails to give you the information you need and saves you a lot of time. If you have used it on Android or iOS you would know that Google Now gives you small information which makes a huge difference to you. This awesome feature is now being integrated into the latest stable version of Google Chrome. To experience the Google Now feature for Chrome, you need to be signed in through the same account as that you use on Android or iOS.

Google Now on Chrome

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Wikipedia app for Blackberry

Wikipedia is now an in-disposable part of the web. And who wouldn’t love a wikipedia app right on their phone.
BB10 users aren’t exactly spoilt for choice in the app department. So when I saw a Wikipedia app that too a Native( coded for BlackBerry) , I was pleasantly surprised.
The app is developed by Soluteo and it is a Built for BlackBerry App(which means it has good usability and connected services and in general good to use)
As soon as we enter the app we are greeted by a screen which explains to us the chief features of the app
Once you press the Got it! button, you see the day’s featured Wikipedia article. The font and the readability are good. and I loved the tabbed layout.

Academic Torrents

Academic torrents( was started by Mr. Joseph Paul Cohen and Mr. Henry Z Lo. Both are Ph.D. Candidates in Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Boston.


This site allows researchers to share papers and datasets. This also gives them a decentralized platform to share their work with peers. One of their missions is to make these material affordable to all.


peer to peer

Academic torrents

To share data among researchers in different parts has been a challenge. Torrents are well known for sharing huge data. This comes in handy  for the researchers to collaborate and work.

Eye-catchy materials currently are the NASA’s map of Mars and the Wikipedia contents!



Know Your Tech : March Week 3

hnplays2048This week,

1) 2048: This game has truly gone viral. And being open source has now resulted in a  horde of 2048 clones. The game is very addictive and people have gotten really creative with it.

2) Moto X released in India. Motorola is hoping for another Moto G like success story. This time with the Moto X. We reported that the Moto X was releasing on the 19th of February exclusively on Flipkart. Exciting times for Moto fans in India!

3)  Twitter turned 8 and it looks like it is experimenting a lot.  Tweet tool is what will turn back the clock and take u to your first tweet. Twitter has also started showing how many views your individual tweet has garnered and which tweet has got your followers the most excited.